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Meet other similar-minded Muslims on buzzMuslim. People looking for what you're looking for - to meet up, get to know other people and make a special connection. Chat and communicate online before meeting someone in person to narrow your search.
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Free. Communicating with other users is free whether you're using the buzzMuslim site, mobile site or app.
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buzzMuslim is the service for Muslims, no matter where you are. Connect with local Muslims or Muslims half-way across the world. Connections know no boundaries.
We're constantly updating the site and apps to add new, useful and exciting features. Have a suggestion for a great addition to our services? Contact us, we'll be more than happy to hear from you.
We first and foremost are dedicated to providing you with a quality service. From constantly updating our services, to having strict rules as to who can and who cannot use buzzMuslim, we are completely focussed on YOU.
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Tired of sites and apps that tell you they're free then try to charge you whenever you want to connect with someone? On buzzMuslim we're tired of that as well! That's why on buzzMuslim you can communicate with other members for free, and it will always be free.
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